Appealing to all types of travellers, Ace Rent A Car offers around 300 locations around the globe. All of the Ace Rent A Car locations are independently and locally owned and operated.

The car rental company sets up worldwide, lending vehicles from New Zealand to the United Kingdom.

Rather than concentrating on a corporate system, Ace Rent A Car strives to lend customers their undivided attention throughout the car rental process.

Ace Rent A Car caters to all types of travellers with its wide selection of vehicles. Most of the car hire’s locations lend economy cars, compact sedans, full-sized cars and luxury vehicles. Some of Ace’s locations even offer minivans, 12-15 passengers vans, SUVs, trucks and specialty cars.

All of Ace’s vehicles have under 40,000 miles and are from the latest two model years, ensuring that customers always feel safe and comfortable with a newer vehicle.

Ace Rent A Car offers pick up locations around the globe. Travellers will find the company in Australia, Barbados, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Panama, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, United States and the US Virgin Islands.

Renting a car with Ace offers travellers the chance to get off the beaten track and experience a free and independent trip.  With car rental, travellers create their own itinerary and leave whenever they please to wherever they want to go – there’s no waiting around for timetables or schedules. There’s nothing quite like planning your own adventure, exciting new horizons lie just  beyond the next corner and you can travel at a pace that suits you.