The company offers a well-run, complete and effective Algarve car hire service for all of its valued customers. Renting a vehicle online will ensure clients have all their time in Portugal dedicated to visiting the Algarve’s miles and miles of picturesque coastline.

In 1993 the company was first established in Albufeira, Algarve. As a regional native, Discovery cars was able to provide its clients with tailor made quality service. Through corporate ownership, the company quickly expanded in the Algarve area, developing working relationships with local tour operators, hotel groups, travel agents and, most importantly, customers.

Aimed at providing great rates and high quality vehicles, the fleet of cars, SUV’s and vans is regularly serviced and carefully cleaned. The five door Mitsubishi Colt is the fleet’s smallest and cheapest car on offer.

The VW Polo is perfect for zipping between the many beaches stationed across the Algarve’s winding roads. The Ford Galaxi is a comprehensive family car with everything that’s needed to accommodate children. The Galaxi comes with air conditioning as standard and affordable rates for families on any budget.

The convertible Renault Megane Cabrio is the perfect car to enjoy the Algarve sun in, while cruising the open road looking for the next serene beach to relax on. The nine seat VW Transporter van is designed specifically to transport bigger parties from place to place as comfortably as possible. Vans often offer a cheaper alternative to large groups of people that are willing to split the price between them.

Customer’s deserve to be looked after and relax on their holiday. That’s why Algarve Car Booking promises to deliver its vehicles to any location completely free of charge. The company also has several parking lots at Faro Airport so clients don’t have to worry about having to take shuttles to a distant office before they get their vehicle. Sign, Pay and Drive is about as complicated as it gets when renting a vehicle from Algarve Car Booking.

Making the reservation and pick-up of its vehicles as easy and as reliable as possible has led to the company enjoying a loyal and satisfied client base for many years.

Joining forces with other companies allows Algarve Car Booking to offer its customers a little more than any other car rental company in the region. The company has partnerships with local doctors to ensure the well being of its customers, camping companies for travellers who prefer the outdoors approach, and foreign language experts who can give crash courses to budding linguists. Taking this widespread approach means Algarve Car Booking is never unable to provide the great service it so prides itself on.