The locations of our stations are bets that give the Aluvia leadership in local markets where they are deployed.

Delivering on our network the most recent models of cars all equipped with A/C, between passenger cars and light commercial vehicles passing through the mini-bus 9-seater, with isothermal or refrigeration system (road / garage), automatic, jeeps, pick 4x4-ups, sports, convertibles, open box or containers and vans.

The Aluvia - Car Rental Ltd. Headquarter’s situated in Caldas da Rainha.

The growing number of customers in all these places where it is already established and given the economic growth and development that this group of cities has been recording, led to Aluvia to extend its coverage in these areas of the country, increasing the number of sites and hence the vehicle fleet.

The know-how acquired over more than 30 years of activity and constant renewal of the fleet are some of the strengths of Aluvia and why they continue to be chosen by companies with whom they have seen increasing trade links.

Company Philosophy

The customer is at the epicenter of our attention. The quality of care and service are core values ​​today for any company. The Aluvia want to surprise the customer for personalized service and quality foundation that sustains the growth of a small company practically family.

Therefore, we do not make any concessions in relation to our concept of Quality. Count for it with a competent staff and committed to quality and never at any time, have we lost sight of the principle of meeting the expectations of our customers and our main goal: to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

The Aluvia bases its quality policy on the following basis: 

  • Training and motivating staff
  • Satisfy the customer
  • Customer loyalty

What are the objectives of the company ?

Aluvia defined its objectives in order to provide a level of excellence in customer service, which will allow the company to achieve the financial results set.

  • Increase operational efficiency - The focus on internal training of its officials constantly, since there are no courses dedicated specifically to the area of ​​rental cars;
  • Improve continuously the quality in delivering our services and products; 
  • Excellence in service to their customers - Meet and exceed customer expectations with new products, packages and promotions. Creating mechanisms more attractive and motivating to customer loyalty;
  • Focus on differentiation by offering innovative solutions to the customer;
  • Invest in new products and fill market niches
  • Maintain a good business relationship with customers, suppliers, media and community