AMC’s fleet range features a range of vehicles including Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat. All are represented by the AutoZubak Group. Car rental vehicles come equipped with air-conditioning. Optional extras such as baby car seats, GPS devices and DVD players are available on request. All vehicles are serviced to a high standard.

AMC offers customers the ability to create one-way travel plans in some cases, and receive special discounts during times of extended rental terms. Furthermore, the Auto Management Center provides a pickup and delivery service throughout the areas of Croatia. AMC is excited about customer guidance with vehicle requests, and they want to bring quality to the table when providing services and products to local and international consumers.

Consumers can trusts that the cars from AMC come are available with third party auto insurance. AMC also has TP or Theft Protection with limited deductible costs to the consumer. Conversely, car rental drivers also have the option to purchase PAI or Personal Accident Insurance to cover both the passenger and renter.

Croatia is one of Europe’s most rewarding touring destinations. A history of wars and battles has left the country arc-shaped. Croatia’s dramatic Adriatic Coastline forms the western end that narrows into the ancient seapoint of Dubrovnik in the south. Meanwhile, the land in between the rivers Drava and Sava makes up the northern section. Zagreb, the capital, sits right in the centre.

The Dalmatian coastline is Croatia’s biggest draw. The whole area is indented with rocky cliffs, peninsulas and quiet inlets. This area is filled with top quality hotels and marinas which have been refurbished or rebuilt in the last few years. These days, Croatia is enjoying a similar boom to its golden era in the 1930s. Croatian towns and villages exude a wonderful sense of history and tradition. Many play host to important historical sites from ancient Greece which date to the 4th century BC. Visitors to Croatia will always receive a warm welcome.

The best times to experience Croatia are spring and autumn, when temperatures are much milder. Car rental is by far the best way to see Croatia’s diverse countryside.

Dubrovnik is especially attractive. The medieval city is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations and features beautiful beaches and coastline. Split is and excellent starting point for a road trip along the Dalmatian coast. Split’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that features a range of beautiful sights including Trogir and the island of Brac which is accessible via ferry crossing