Anyone renting a car on the Isle of Man will find much to explore.

The interesting mix of Viking and Celtic cultures has contributed to the island’s interesting character.  Ideal day trips on the island include the scenic national glens, the beaches of the south coast and Snaefell the famous lookout spot where Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales are visible when the weather is clear.

Tourist attractions are easy to get to by car.  Must sees include the Manx National Heritage’s “Story Of Man” sites.  Prehistoric tombs and multimedia exhibitions are all easily accessible.

Meanwhile, the island is also renowned for hosting the yearly Isle of Man TT Race and other motorsport events.  Transport plays an important role in Manx culture. Visitors should check out the famous Victorian narrow gauge railiways including the Steam Railway that connects Douglas and Port Erin and the Manx Electric Tramway which runs north to Ramsey. The Snaefell Mountain Railway climbs 2,034 ft above sea level from Laxey.  A smaller line runs along the cliffs at Groudle Glen.

Visitors to the island definitely won’t go hungry.  The Isle of Man is famous for its local take on traditional favourites such as ice-cream, bread and lamb.  The most famous food on the island though is Manx kipper. Smoked salmon also features heavily on local menus, as does bonnag (a type of fruit cake).

Although not officially part of the UK, the Queen still holds the title of the Lord of Man.  The Isle of Man does not use English law but it is based on the same system.  The Isle of Man usually considers recent English laws for introduction.  Lawyers on the Isle of Man are known as advocates and usually combine the role of barrister and solicitor.