With an aim of transparency and reliability in order to improve a better service for clients every day, AurigaCrown Car Hire trains its entire staff to be dedicated and focused on providing customers with the best deals possible. The company has 350 multilingual staff members who will go the extra mile to secure the cheapest rates for every client.

AurigaCrown Car Hire’s 40 years of experience in the Spanish car hire market allows the company to offer its knowledge and understanding to help ensure every client has the best holiday they can.

Renting a car is the most efficient way of seeing Spain and Portugal in all of their sunny beauty. Taking the time to see Portugal’s Algarve is made easiest with the rental of one of AurigaCrown Car Hire’s many vehicles. Away from Portugal’s beaches, customers can see every part of Spain’s wonderful cities with the help of a rental car. With their rich history and stunning architecture, Spain’s varied and wonderful cites are something every traveller should experience.

The company reservation department processes up to 2,000 bookings a day in a fast and careful manner that ensures customers can quickly obtain their vehicle and start to enjoy their holiday.

The AurigaCrown Car Hire fleet is made up of more than 18,000 vehicles including over 10 different manufacturers with 40 optional models. Every vehicle in the fleet is under six months old and maintained to the highest quality possible.

The fleet is completely changed every 6 to 10 months so clients are offered the best and newest vehicles at all times. AurigaCrown Car Hire realizes that with new vehicles comes improved safety and happiness for its thousands of loyal clients.

Customers can choose from highly economic vehicles to the most luxurious automobiles on today’s market. Whether it’s enjoying the Spanish sun in a convertible, travelling alongside friends in a minibus or driving with automatic transmission, AurigaCrown Car Hire truly offers it all.

Owning its own modern workshop allows AurigaCrown Car Hire to provide all of its vehicles with quality service guaranteeing customers security and safety.

AurigaCrown Car Hire has 21 locations in Spain and Portugal including airports in Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Alicante, Ibiza, Faro, Portugal and many more. Having such a presence in almost every relevant Spanish city means AurigaCrown Car Hire is always on hand to offer its services wherever customers are.

All inclusive prices, brand new cars and no hidden costs are three things that AurigaCrown offers simply because it believes customers deserve respect and the best deals when visiting Spain.

The company is proud to put forward competitive prices, unbeatable service and high quality vehicles to all of its customers. No other company is Spain has the service network and reliability that AurigaCrown does.