There are many reasons why the Algarve is the ideal destination for a touring holiday.

The southern Algarve region of Portugal is a one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. The region’s capital, Faro, is located close to a small harbour, next to a wide lagoon. Faro’s international airport was first opened in 1965 to serve a growing number of tourists. The airport contributed to Faro becoming the Algarve’s main tourist hub.
The majority of the Algarve’s current holiday resorts were once tiny fishing villages. Reminders of their past life can still be seen to this day in the narrow winding streets, whitewashed houses and historic churches. It is the Algarve’s sweeping sandy bays have cemented its place as a holiday haven however. The coastline extends from Cape St Vincent all the way to Villa Real de Santo Antonio, right next door to Spain. These days, much of the Algarve is characterised by hotels and holiday apartments, especially to the west of Faro.

One of the Algarve’s prettiest claims to fame is the almond tree which grows in abundance throughout the region. From late January to early February, the landscape is transformed completely when most of the countryside is covered with snow-like almond blossom. Meanwhile there are also myriad fragrant fruit groves that are filled with lemons, oranges, carobs, pomegranates and figs. Once you’ve driven around the Algarve you’ll find it easy to discover why this area is known as the ‘garden of Portugal’.

The Algarve is also home to some of Europe’s finest and most scenic golf courses, all of which are easily accessible with car hire in Portugal.