BK Rent A Car aims to provide a consistent, reliable service that exceeds our client’s expectations and keeps them coming back. BK Rent A Car will assist you in every way to ensure you get the best vehicle for your money.

BK Rent A Car suggests that before choosing your car, think carefully about what kind of vehicle you need. If you have children or a lot of luggage you might need a larger vehicle. If you are just looking for a means of transportation and want to save some money, you will want to reserve the smallest car available. If you can’t drive a stick shift make sure that you reserve a car with automatic transmission. If you need additional equipment, you need to make sure the company offers the extras you require, like baby seats or a GPS system.

When you collect your vehicle, try to familiarise yourself with the workings of the car before you leave. Check to see which side your gas tank is on, and find out how the headlights, windshield wipers and turn signal works. It may seem obvious, but you’ll be thankful when a heavy rainstorm interrupts your journey.

When you return the vehicle check everywhere, including the trunk to make sure you don’t leave any personal belongings behind. The most common items that people lose are sunglasses, cell phones and umbrellas.

Be sure that both you and the check-in assistant examine the vehicle together and that you are in agreement about the vehicle’s condition. Inspect your rental agreement carefully for all the charges and make sure your deposit is transferred back into your account if there is money left over.

BK Rent A Car wants their customers to have a rewarding rental experience; we hope these tips will help you choose your next rental vehicle with ease.