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Norhtern Ireland is the ideal destination for a touring holiday. Head south east and you’ll discover some of the country’s most scenic landscapes in the Kingdoms of Down. This whole area is recognised as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The region encompasses the picturesque coastline and its charming fishing villages, seaside towns, lakes, woodlands, and the Mountains of Mourne. In the north, the dramatic Antrim coastline awaits. The area is characterised by its dramatic cliffs, unspoilt beaches and spectacular glacier-carved Glens of Antrim. The Giant’s Causeway is by far the most popular tourist attraction here. The Giant’s Causeway is reputed to be a highway that was built by Fin McCool to allow his love to cross from the ocean from the Hebrides to Ulster. Geologically speaking, the Giant’s Causeway is a mass of thousands of basalt columns packed together to form stepping stones that lead from the base of the cliffs to the sea.

The best way to reach the northwest id via the walled city of Londonderry (Derry), a city that has spawned many famous musicians, poets, storytellers and indeed festivals. The city of Belfast is another must. The city is located just across the Sperrin Mountains and is surrounded by reminders of its industrial heyday – most notable the Harland and Wolfe shipyard where the infamous Titanic was built.

Green hills, scenic rivers and lakes and a dramatic coastline converge to make Northern Ireland the ultimate place to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. The local towns and villages warmly welcome all who visit to share in the local “craic” or good fun, which emanates from the music and pubs in the area.