County Car Rentals knows how important customers are.  The company works hard to compete with major international brands.  County Car Rentals is proud of its loyal network of repeat bookers and professionally trained representatives worldwide who have worked with the company for many years.  The company provides customers with the personal touch by ensuring all family members and administrative staff are involved with serving clients.

The company strives to provide customers with the lowest priced car rental in Ireland and the best quality service.  County Car car rentals does this by maintaining a base of loyal and repeat customers. 

County Car Rentals serves Dublin Airport, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin City North, Dublin City South and Dun Laoighaire Ferry Port.  The company offers vehicles for all holidays and vacations – from economy to luxury.

County car rentals maintains low prices by offering branding and not using franchising or advertising.  The company passes on the savings to customers.  County Car Rentals growth has come from repeat customers who recommend the service to their friends.

County Car Rentals will personally met you at your Arrival Airport or Ferryport. Customers are escorted to their cars at the depots.  County Car Rentals offers a pick up service any hotel to the nearest depot. 

Customers who wish to be met should always provide the County Car Rentals Depot with the details of their flight or sailing or accommodation details at least one working day before you’re due to pick up your rental car.