Renters should just go for of the cheapest car they find, they need to think about the amount of space they are going to need. They also need to consider how many children are travelling or whether they need special diving equipment. Think about how far you are going to be travelling – driving long hours in a small car with a bag on your lap will definitely not be fun. Do you prefer automatic transmission, or do you want a manual car?

Direct Car Hire will guarantee customer satisfaction by supplying well-maintained, reliable vehicles at discount rates. Once you have booked your vehicle, ask that the car hire company post, fax or e-mail you a copy of your reservation confirmation which includes all your details and information.

If you need to cancel your car hire reservation, make certain that the car hire company gives you a cancellation code. Remember if you don’t cancel your reservation by the time specified by the company they might charge you for a day’s rental depending on their terms. Always ensure you have the proper level of insurance when you hire a vehicle you do not want to be liable for the full amount if there is any damage. Always carry copies of your insurance details with you.

Finally, when you bring the rental vehicle back make sure a staff member expects the vehicle with you to ensure there are no scratches or any damage to the vehicle. Also make sure you haven’t left anything in the car.

Direct Car Hire intends to provide their clients with friendly service and offers drivers the best car hire option for their journeys.