Drive A Matic Car Hire makes it their goal to be a traveller’s one stop shop in the region for car rentals. In order to do so, Drive A Matic Car Hire makes it a point to lend the quality and service customers are used to.

Drive A Matic Car Hire hosts a complete fleet of vehicles, over 300 to be exact. The company’s fleet comprises of small cars, Jeeps, fully loaded sedans, large vans and SUVs. Travellers looking for compact cars will find Drive A Matic has what they need. Those looking for more luxurious vehicles and vans will also discover Drive A Matic has the wheels.

Drive A Matic Car Hire offers pick-up locations throughout both Barbados and St. Lucia. On Barbados, travellers will find four locations island wide including Lower Estate, the Barbados Airport, Almond Beach Village and the Hilton. Drive A Matic Car Hire also offers pick-up locations through St. Lucia’s ports of call, including hotels and guesthouses.