Fox Rent a Car believes the use of technology and employee motivation is vital if the company is to be able to continue to offer great customer service and cheap rates. The company strives to make its work environment challenging and rewarding for its well trained and dedicated staff.

For customers, Fox Rent a Car creates a value driven experience that truly defines the company’s character. “Friendly employees, Outstanding employees, Xcellent Value” is the mantra Fox Rent a Car follows to ensure its continued expansion and customer satisfaction. Upholding these values allows Fox Rent a Car to build a loyal and trustworthy relationship with its clientele.

The Fox Rent a Car fleet varies at each of its 26 locations around the world in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and New Zealand. The majority of Fox Rent a Car locations are within the United States. The company has offices in seven U.S states including, California, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri and Colorado. In each of the seven states Fox Rent a Car has an office at an airport so it can pick up its clients and help them get on the road straight away.

At every rental office the company offers customers a wide range of cars including economy vehicles, SUV’S and vans. Fox Rent a Car caters for leisure and business travellers who need a reliable service at cheap prices. Discount cars like the Chevrolet Aveo are great for travelling in crowded cites that can be difficult to navigate in large bulky vehicles. Fox Rent a Car has SUV’s ranging from the mid-sized Jeep Patriot to the larger Ford Explorer. Luxury cars like the Infiniti G35 and Mercedes Benz C300 are also available from Fox Rent a Car.

Every month the Fox Rent a Car fleet is updated with the latest models available on the market. This allows the company to offer its clients the safest and most economical vehicles it can. Every Fox Car Rental vehicle is fully serviced and cleaned before rental to ensure customers have a safe and comfortable ride.

Renters with Fox Rent a Car must be 21 years old or above and hold a valid driver’s license. Every driver is allowed to use unlimited miles on their trip so they can see as much of their holiday destination as possible. Renters on America’s west coast can choose to use Fox Rent a Car’s one way rental option. This option is available in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Washington.