Appealing to both holidaymakers and business travellers alike, Iberent Rent A Car offer locations all around Portugal.

From the north of the country to the south, Iberent has Portugal covered. The stations from Lisbon to Oporto offer travellers the best in customer service, with agents ready to advise and clarify any questions or concerns.

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Iberent Rent A Car holds a fleet of vehicles that are all the most recent vehicles existing in the market.

Travellers looking to hire from Iberent Rent A Car will find the company in Lisbon, Oporto, Estoril, Leiria, Almada, Via Franca, Mem Martins, Faro, Amadora and Frielas.

Those who rent a car in Portugal will enjoy exploring some of the 800km of coastline Which Portugal offers to visitors. Beaches in Portugal range from sandy bays to windswept coves, ideal of sailing and surfing.

The south coast tends to be much warmer than the west coast s travellers should ensure that they take this information into account when choosing their holiday destination.
No matter what area of Portugal you travel to during the high season, you’ll find popular beaches crowded, especially in the Algarve and in Lisbon.
Meanwhile, those who travel to the Azores or Madeira will find the weather is pleasant all year round.