Jucy encourages clients to get out and explore the mysterious Kiwi wilderness or kick back in the country’s brilliantly entertaining cities. One thing visitors to New Zealand won’t be is bored. With so much to do in so little time, Jucy promises to check vehicles in and out as fast as it possibly can. This will hopefully allow travellers to get the very best out of their stay in New Zealand.

Jucy also has locations in Australia so those looking to explore the land of the Kangaroos can also pick up a vehicle with ease. Long trips from Australia’s world famous beaches to its vibrant city’s are extremely popular and encouraged by Jucy. To get the best out of a holiday, Jucy believes a traveller needs a strong willed and adventurous company behind them. That’s why Jucy has so many campervans to offer visitors who want a taste of the great outdoors. In both Australia and New Zealand the stars shine bright and the locals love a get together.
Renting one of Jucy’s campers can help travellers get a real sense of the atmosphere of these gems on the Southern Hemisphere.

From its years of experience Jucy understands that with great service comes customer loyalty and happiness. All of Jucy’s staff are trained to give the customer everything they need while working hard to secure them the lowest rates available.

The El Cheapo section of Jucy’s fleet perfectly caters to budget travellers who want to experience Australia and New Zealand at little cost. Of course the company also rents higher-end models like the Toyota Corolla that provide a slightly more comfortable ride.

Australia in particular has plenty of tough terrain that normal cars struggle to deal with. Jucy’s Toyota Rav4 gives clients the option of a 4×4 vehicle to tackle otherwise unendurable areas.

Jucy has four locations in both New Zealand and Australia, with the New Zealand offices spread across the country and Australian pick-up centres all on the East coast of Austalia. Jucy is proud to offer its customers the option of both countries because the company knows from experience how amazing both can be. The last thing Jucy wants is to shortchange its customers by only allowing them to see one of these magnificent places. Jucy is happy to pick up clients from several International Airports and take them promptly back to the company office so they pick-up their vehicle and get on with their holiday.

Persons 18 years old and above are allowed to hire a Jucy rental vehicle and can reach the company on a 24 hour call centre. All Jucy campervans are, incredibly, designed and built by the company. It’s safe to say not many other rental companies get much more personal than that.