A high-standard and reliable vehicle gives a person the freedom required to explore such an assorted and beautiful country as Turkey. From mountains to beaches Turkey has it all and PNR strives to make sure its customers have the opportunity to see as much as they possibly can.

PNR makes its services available to businesses and individuals that wish to have the best car hire services Turkey has to offer. Not only that, but PNR also wants its customers to save money so they can experience Turkey’s delights without worrying about financial issues. That is why PNR has an array of deals and discounts on rates all year round. Businesses that wish to rent more than one vehicle are encouraged to use PNR’s ‘fleet leasing’ plan.

The plan allows for companies to get cheaper rates on all vehicles and also enjoy discounts on vehicle maintenance and delivery.

PNR is proud to offer its customers a large fleet of vehicles to choose from, including every brand that is sold in Turkey. This gives clients the freedom to specifically define their needs and watch as PNR finds the right vehicle for them.

Small cars are available at economy prices while luxury vehicles can be found for higher but still competitive prices. Family trips can be enjoyed in one of PNR’s larger vehicles that have little trouble accommodating to the needs of young children, with plenty of legroom and ample storage space.

The minimum amount of time a person, who must be 21 years old and have had a license for at least one year, can rent a PNR vehicle is 24 hours. Businesses who wish to rent monthly are required to sign a lease for at least 30 days.

PNR customers planning to make a long trip across Turkey have no need to worry thanks to the company’s list of complimentary services. Renters are given an unlimited amount of kilometres to drive, technical maintenance and damage liability insurance without charge. This is just another way of saying thank you to the customer for choosing PNR.

Customers can choose to rent one-way with PNR just as long as they contact the company service centre and schedule the lease duration and pick-up point.

PNR implores its clients to drive safely and in the case of an emergency advises customers to immediately contact the authorities and the company. If clients fail to do this, their insurance will become invalid and they may face costs dependant of the accident. Thankfully, these types of incidents are few and far between.

Those looking for more information will find PNR staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and professional.