Every year millions of travellers visit Uruguay to see some of the South American country’s many attractions. The Colonia Lighthouse, Ciudad Vieja and Montevideo itself are just a few of the most popular destinations holidaymakers in Uruguay love to visit.
Hiring a vehicle from Global Rent a Car will give travellers the freedom they need to see as much of Uruguay as they choose. The company understands the many stresses involved with travelling and so makes the check in process as fast and painless as possible. This personable and understanding attitude is something the company prides itself on and guarantees to every client who chooses Global Rent a Car.

The Chevrolet Celta is smallest car in the Global Rent a Car market, with seating for five and space for approximately two luggage cases. The Celta is a great option for travellers on tighter budgets who still want great quality. Global Rent a Car has a wide selection of vehicles that have medium sized engines and standard features such as air conditioning, CD players and assisted steering. These cars, including the Chevrolet Astra and Chevrolet Corsa, are extremely reliable and available at competitive prices. Families will find the Chevrolet Zafira to be a perfect ride, with seats for seven passengers and space for at least four suitcases.

The Great Wall Wingle 3 is Global Rent a Car’s premier four wheel drive vehicle. The truck has everything a traveller needs to go ‘off the beaten track’ and truly explore Uruguay’s beautiful countryside. For visitors travelling in large groups Global Rent a Car offers the Hyundai H1 Wagon, a big van with front and back controlled air conditioning, twelve seats, and hydraulic steering.

Global Rent a Car requires all renters to provide a passport or national ID proving identification and a credit card to cover the guarantee deposit. The rates Global Rent a Car offers include full coverage insurance and all taxes. The company includes taxes so its clients aren’t faced with extra charges when they arrive in Uruguay. Global Rent a Car simply wants its customers to have a stress free trip and enjoy Uruguay as much as they can.

Global Rent a Car is always striving to improve its services towards customers on a daily basis. At globalrentacar.com, the company asks clients to leave comments so it can attempt to further develop and remain as one of Uruguay’s best car rental companies.