With Rentomobile we understand that clients’ requests and desires differ from taste to situation, from budget to opulence. Consequently, we endeavour to attain utmost customer satisfaction by supplying a range of vehicles that make up our impressive fleet. Furthermore – and yet just another way we undertake a superior level of service – is to ensure that none of the vehicles we hire out are used over the 70 000km gauge. Attention to small yet vitally important details like this, allows Rentomobile patrons the confidence of knowing that the vehicles being hired are safe and secure.

To ensure that Rentomobile is not just another company in the trade, we set ourselves apart from the competition in many advantageous ways. Holding firmly on to the belief that our customers are our best and most effective advertisement, you can only be guaranteed to be treated with the respect and care that you as a paying client deserve. It is the aim of the company’s employees to keep you satisfied. It is also our delight and pleasure to serve our clients and the staff does so professionally, enthusiastically and with the highest proficiency.

When it comes to value for money and getting value for money, you can be sure that Rentomobile is the company to be associated with. With us, you only pay your rental costs and nothing else. The surplus costs commonly charged by other companies are not applicable and are null and void when dealing with Rentomobile. We choose to provide and will not charge you for refuelling the vehicle, the use of child/baby seats, tire chains and winterization service, as well as airport taxes, incident administration fees, delivery and collection within the city limits of Sofia, Varna and Burgas.

To let you know how much we value your patronage, we even provide a 24 hour phone and breakdown assistance service at no extra cost. We do not believe in hidden charges and our loyalty to and customer care politics can be relied upon.

Rentomobile also recognises the need to transport clients that prefer not to drive themselves, and for this reason supplies the service of efficient and reliable transfers. No more worrying about the safety and exorbitant costs of taxis, or the fact that you don’t know your way around the cities of Bulgaria. One of our highly esteemed representatives will meet you at your point of arrival. You will be taken to your preferred location, using the best and safest routes possible. While travelling, you will receive noteworthy information about the city, if so desired.

Should there be a need to alter any prearranged plans, fear not, as we offer 24 hour assistance, 7 days a week so you are guaranteed to reach a consultant promptly. At Rentomobile we truly do think of everything to eliminate any unnecessary stress from your trip.