The company philosophy is determined by a simple phrase, “Quality Service Pure and Simple.” This mantra is what every St Lucia National Car Hire staff member abides by when dealing with customers. Renters are guaranteed to get high quality service and great rates with SLNCH.

St Lucia is a volcanic island formed millions of years ago in the Caribbean Sea. The island’s explosive past can be explored at Les Pitons, a World Heritage Site accessible from one of St Lucia’s many paved roads. The fastest way to travel in St Lucia is by driving one of SLNCH’s many vehicles.

The fleet includes nine separate groups of vehicles that cater to the wide ranging needs of St Lucia’s visitors. In order to truly experience St Lucia’s rugged interior, travellers need a vehicle that can overcome the difficult terrain. SLNCH offers several 4×4 vehicles that have what it takes to navigate through St Lucia.

For those who prefer to take a more hands-off approach, SLNCH happily provides a 4×4 tour service that takes customers deep into St Lucia’s undergrowth. Drop-off and pickup are free of charge on the tour.

Family cars and minivans are also available and are perfect for ferrying up to eight people from beach to beach. St Lucia is not a large island so SLNCH rents out scooters to visitors who want to travel light.

SLNCH has three locations on the island so customers are never far away from a friendly face. SLNCH offices can be found at St Lucia International Airport, Rodeney Bay main road and Point Scraphine. The Point Scraphine office is particularly convenient for cruise ship visitors who wish to rent a vehicle for the day.

Regardless of the location, SLNCH guarantees a speedy check-in so customers can get straight to enjoying St Lucia.

St Lucian authorities require visitors to purchase a local driving permit for their stay on the island. SLNCH has a firm partnership with St Lucia Travel Specials, a company that offers accommodation to rent in three locations on the island. Building partnership on the island and making sure its customers are well looked after is something that is extremely important to SLNCH.