The Tempest fleet includes more than 3000 vehicles that are available for daily, weekend, one-way and long-term hire. From the economical Kia Picanto to the big Hyundai H1 bus, Tempest has a vehicle to match every customer’s needs.

It doesn’t matter where a client is in South Africa because Tempest has locations in every corner of the nation. The country-wide network of branches allows Tempest to look after its customers wherever they are in South Africa.

Tempest is a great company for business and leisure travellers who are looking for the best rental prices available in South Africa. The company prides itself on cutting costs for clients and offering great value for money.

Focusing specifically on being a price sensitive car rental company, Tempest is able to bring down its prices in an ultra-competitive industry. Great deals are also available on extras such as GPS systems and airport transfer options.

Starting off as a little company amongst giants, Tempest flourished and was eventually bought by the Imperial Holdings Group in 1991. The purchase allowed Tempest to expand its infrastructure and significantly increase the size of its vehicle fleet.

After more than 20 years of growth the little business is now one of South Africa’s largest and most successful car hire companies.

Over time, Tempest has reached out and struck up allegiances with travel companies, airlines and hotels all across South Africa. This has enabled the company to offer great deals as part of packages with accommodation and travel arrangements.

The company holds a firm stance on discipline and behaviour regarding its employees. As a member of SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) the company upholds a strict code of conduct that every member of the Association must implement. Staying true to such a code of conduct again shows Tempest’s absolute dedication to fantastic customer service.

Giving back to the community is another one of Tempest’s main priorities and something the company sees as vital in building a better South Africa. Tempest is a proud partner of the Dreamfields initiative, a program that invests in communities and gives young South Africans the chance to improve themselves and develop into great achievers in the world of sports.

Sport is a medium that Tempest believes can help to get the best out of people and especially benefit young and enthusiastic children. The company has so much faith in the strength that sport can give young people that it has affiliated itself with many foundations, teams and initiatives. Affiliations include the Gauteng Lions, Easterns Junior Cricket, SA Inter-Provincial and the SAID Foundation.