Secondly, the accommodations take the biggest chunk. Start to shop within your budget. However, now that you have come on a vacation and are the adventurous type means consider Airbnb, as alternatives.

This is followed by food on vacation and there are amazing food choices in tourist places. Consider the price points at the restaurants and select accordingly. Likewise, the attractions are not without admission fee and it varies with each attraction. Research on attractions and determine that matches your budget. Every city has upscale retailers to locally owned shops to unique shops and Magnificent Mile. Shopping in the city means set aside money.

Even if you calculate the expenses in total and consider the budget, do leave a buffer amount for unexpected outlays popping up suddenly. Stick to the budget, try paying ahead for admission and minimize your spending.

Timing your trip is more important though there are budget-friendly activities in throughout the year. There are some discounts that are high on hotels and transportations. The busiest time is during summer and conventions. It also calls for high costs.

Hotels offer cheap rates in winter months, so plan your activities more indoors. In case you wish to spend outdoors, pack hats, mittens, heavy parka and boots, to avoid freezing. These are off-seasons and the tourists number are low allowing you to get faster all around. There will be no wait in restaurants for table or long lines at the gate of museums.

Staying a long weekend offers you the taste of the city. However, even a week's stay is not enough to cover all that the city offers. Look for downtown hotels, it works to be affordable and offers easy reach to attractions. It is best to walk to parks, various museums and attraction. Staying downtown saves time and you can steal time for more free activities. For hotel stays, start searching in advance, keep flexible dates, compare costs, browse for online deal sites, Try Airbnb or consider hostels.

Getting around places and saving money is possible if you drive. Of course, it includes paying for toll roads. In case you are put up in some downtown hotel, you will pay vehicle parking as daily fee, Megabus is a good discount travel option with low fares. There are cabs in plenty and also robust public transportation.

Again driving to attractions includes parking that is limited and you will end up wasting your time in finding a spot. Even if you happen to find, you will end up paying a premium fee. Each time you go out, there is another parking fee. In fact, public transportation offers the most affordable approach.

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