Research your destination

It is a common practice amongst travelers to research their destination. If you are well versed in advance about the places of importance, cuisine, language and cultural hotspots you can make your visit worthwhile. But don't let this stop you from taking a tip or two from the locals.

Pack fewer clothes

While fashion may not figure high on the list of backpackers, don't ignore the essentials. It will be pennywise and pound foolish to buy all the basics that are available in your wardrobe on your travel. You could run through the trip by rotating clothes.

Be feather light

The rule of thumb for backpacking is to pack light. Backpacking is all about exploring the place. Heavy luggage is cumbersome and hinders your exploration. So best is to strap your luggage on to your back and walk longer distance.

Live in a hostel

Look for hostels to save money. Living in a hostel helps you save money as there are communal kitchen for the guest. Hostels help address primary concerns of several budget travelers. One may opt for shared rooms, private, deluxe rooms. At Vedanta Wake up! guests are offered with world class amenities at an economical cost.

Learn local phrases

It is advisable to learn local phrases that will help you get by. It may be prudent to learn practical phrases, like asking for directions etc. Making an attempt to speak the local language helps to bridge the gap between the locals knowing the local language could lead you to discover destinations that are not even on the itinerary
Keep an eye on your food
Experimenting with your tastes is one of the major draws of travelling. If you do not taste local cuisine, you lose out on some magical experiences. However, it comes with some allotted risks. It is always better to check with your boarding place about the best restaurants that offer local cuisine. It might help you stay away from trouble or the unwanted illness.

Keep spare change

Arguing with shopkeepers for change might be great in your home town, but is not recommended. It can be difficult if you are caught out in the middle of nowhere with notes of high denomination. Hence, always keep spare change of smaller numbers to make your travel easier, and safe.

Walk more, spend less

The budget is a major concern for any backpacker. The best way to save on money is to walk. It is the simplest way to get from one place to another, and will also help you build up your savings and explore the place.

Rent a Vehicle

To hitchhike at night and for longer distances, one should rent vehicles. Local transport would be expensive and not easily available at wee hours or late at night.

The real purpose of travel is to discover new destinations, understand people and their culture. With Vedanta Wake up! You will be able to explore places, make new friends and know Kerala at the grass root levels. Travel is all about creating beautiful memories.