Planning and Accommodation: Accommodation accounts for more than 60% of the expenses when you travel to a new place. Checking aggregator sites like AirBnB and Craiglist can help you find budget places to stay, thus saving you a lot of money. Use apps like TripAdvisor to plan your city tours and find places.

Interacting with Locals: If you are around locals, you're good. If you are at some place where only tourists are present, you're probably getting fleeced. Learning the local language helps in easier interaction with people, who may help you get better deals in the locality as compared to other tourists. And if you really want to make friends, look up EatWith. You will get to taste authentic cuisines which are local to the country you are visiting, made at home by people.

Using Your Phone and Internet: The best thing to do when visiting another country is to carry an unlocked smartphone. SIM cards are available in most countries for cheap, which let you stay connected to people around and even make international calls. You can download free online calling apps to make international calls and stay connected with loved ones back home. Apps like WiFi Finder let you locate free (and paid) WiFi hotspots in and around your locality. This internet can be used to for free online calling, thus letting you save a lot of money when you make international calls.

Packing and Logistics: It's best to travel light, unless you are traveling for a business and have to lug suits and other things around. Traveling light not only saves you the mental stress of carrying heavy luggage around, but also saves you airfare money. Roll your clothes and pack them. This way, you can make room for more clothes without them getting crumpled or wrinkled. Also, you can ask locals where you can get your laundry done for cheap. There are however, some things you must keep in mind when traveling. Email a copy of your passport and important travel documents like insurance and others to yourself and loved ones.

Keep an open eye for offers: A traveler mentioned that he kept purchasing water bottles in Thailand for 15 Baht each until he walked into a store which sold 6 bottles of water for 20 Baht. There are many places where you will find items of requirement at a bargain. For instance, if instead of hailing taxis from the airport, you walk down the main road and hail one after some distance, you will save money because taxis there are cheaper than those at airports. So don't avail a service or purchase something you like at the first available sign. Scout around a little; you will find what you want for a much lesser price, thus letting you save a lot of money.