Accustomed to helping its customers save as much money as possible, AB promises to give a free taxi and luggage service between Bonaire International Airport and the AB Car Rental office.

AB Car Rental tries hard so its clientele can enjoy Bonaire from the moment they arrive. All customers receive a free Bonaire road map and AB Car Rental pen so they can plan their trip straight away.

The staff at AB has 35 years of experience in car rental on the sunny island of Bonaire. They are personable, hard working and committed to helping customers check-in and check-out their rental car as quick as possible. Staff members are also more than happy to answer any questions a client may have about renting a car or Bonaire in general.

Having a professional carwash team and in-house engineer allows AB to maintain its fleet of more than 200 cars at the highest quality. Every vehicle is cleaned and serviced before every rental to ensure customers have a safe and pleasant drive.

The AB Car Rental fleet has been built directly to service the needs of Bonaire’s visitors, including several vehicles that are specifically suitable to divers. These vehicles, like the Mazda B 2200 and Hyundai Tucson, have plenty of room for diving equipment plus the capability to go off-road when needed. The newly introduced LandWind Dive is the ultimate vehicle for serious divers that need to look after their equipment with extra care. The LandWind has a special built-in dive rack and an extra large trunk for storage.

Smaller cars such as the Kia Picanto seat five people and are ideal for families and visitors who wish to explore the island on land.

Customers who choose the AB full coverage plan automatically reap the benefit of 24/7 road assistance during their stay on Bonaire.

Renters with AB must be at least 20 years old with a license that has been valid for a minimum of two years. All customers with AB are given the license to roam the island as much as they see fit with unlimited miles on their rented vehicle. With this perk, AB is confident clients will be able to see the very best of Bonaire and its beautiful coastlines.