Offering day, weekend, week or monthly rentals, travellers in the United Kingdom can hire a car with Elite Car Hire. The company sets out to lend the best choice of supercars in the area.

With the intent to invite travellers to live out one of their dreams of driving a Ferrari or Aston Martin, Elite Car Hire makes it their goal to provide these vehicles while treating customers as though they are a supercar owner.

Elite Car Hire presents some of the most luxurious cars for drivers to rent. Their fleet of vehicles includes Mercedes, VW’s, Audi’s, Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s Range Rovers, Ferrari’s and Porsches. For the high roller traveller, Elite Car Hire appeals with some of the world’s most desired vehicles.

Elite Car Hire offers one pick up location in Derby in the United Kingdom. The company does also have a delivery services, bringing the vehicle to the customer.