Redspot soon grew its presence around the country. By 2004 it had opened 4 offices at locations including the Gold Coast, Cairns, Launceston and Perth. In 2007 the company opened further offices in Brisbane, Hobart, Mackay and Adelaide.

The company prides itself as being Australia’s top choice for car hire.

Redspot is the only Australian-owned independent car rental company with desks at the nation’s major airports. The company aims to be a no-frills, low-cost alternative to big international car rental companies. Redspot has a fleet of around 12.000 cars and offers customers an all-in-one-price that includes no-excess insurance.

Redspot currently has 4 percent of the market share of airport business for car rental companies in Australia. The company’s target consumer is budget-conscious travellers and small businesses.

The company was founded by Dan Meckler almost 20 years ago and is now run as a family business.

Mekler says the company has always served the needs of customers on a budget who resent paying add-ons which are often charged by larger companies for various services. These extras can sometimes escalate costs above the initial quote.

Redspot continues to expand its operations at airports across Australia. The company currently has rental desks at three of the busiest airports in the country – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, which gives the business much greater scope for pitching its ideas.

Redspot has benefitted considerably from the global downturn. Individuals and businesses have dropped demands for frequent flyer concessions and other luxury add –ons, meaning they are far more likely to book a value-for-money car.

Recently, Redspot added Hobart to its list of pick-up locations and national sales increased by 33 per cent. Expansion plans are also in the pipeline for Adelaide and Canberra airports and several regional locations.