To appreciate the captivating splendour and enchanting beauty of this phenomenal country, one should eliminate all unnecessary aggravations, hassles, headaches and stresses that can detract from a fantastic experience – be it for either business, pleasure or both!

Hiring a car in Portugal is one of the most popular and recommended ways to travel around this exquisite area. In doing so, it provides the freedom to visit remote, secluded and even isolated places which public transport systems simply do not venture to. It allows you to keep your own schedule, going where you want to at exactly the time you wish.

No wasting another 15 minutes until the next bus arrives, or climbing into a vehicle marked “TAXI” where you leave your fate in the hands of a complete and absolute stranger.

The words ‘Car Hire’ might leave you reeling and conjure up images of a tiresome and troublesome debacle – however make use of the right company, and it is guaranteed to only enhance your overall experience.

Rentauto is such a company. An authentic Portuguese company, passionate about helping people find the best car hire deals. This, together with an ardent desire to provide customers with incredible service and comparative rates, ensures nothing but satisfaction when dealing with Rentauto.

The importance and convenience of having prime locations in the Algarve as well as in Lisbon and Porto, ensures practicality and ease of travel throughout Portugal. It also guarantees experience at being able to collect and drop off your vehicle at all the major airports and foremost places of rental.

Rentauto’s impeccable service and guarantee is based on a simple yet highly effective five star programme.

  • Courtesy and efficiency – trained and professional staff allow for competent and proficient service.
  • Vehicle is prepared for your arrival – no wasting time hanging around with avoidable and unnecessary delays
  • Convenience of a national system of delivery and pick-up – suiting your needs and making life simpler
  • Their staff is always on hand to help in any emergency – nothing is too big or too small for us to assist with
  • Know that you are receiving good value for your money – client customer satisfaction and assurance of getting your money’s worth

What would a car hiring company be without a decent and impressive fleet of cars? Rentauto boasts such an assortment of vehicles with the range normally including all or some of the following models: Renault Twingo, Renault Clio, Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Stilo, Mazda 323, Renault Megane, Ford Focus, Ford Focus Estate, Renault Megane Estate, Ford Transit Mini Bus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Galaxy, Renault Espace, Chrysler Voyager, Peugeot CC Cabriolet, Renault Megane Cabriolet, Alfa Romeo 166.

You are bound to find something to suit your taste, style, driving needs, desires and requirements.

Whatever you might be looking for, be it on a journey of business or pleasure, there is an economical and suitable vehicle at just the right price waiting to take you on your voyage of passage. Travel with Rentauto – the best way to do it in Portugal.