Indonesia is a very scenic and exciting country to explore. The rich heritage and amazing sights of the country are rivaled by the extreme affordability of these vacations. Yu can explore the many stunning islands of Indonesia and plan a short stay on each of them. On the other hand, you can just head over to Bali, the most popular of the islands in Indonesia. You can explore the many temples, and serene beaches. You can find quality accommodation for as low as 10 USD a night at Ubud (culture centre in Bali).

The Gambia

The Gambia is the smallest nation in Mainland Africa. However, if you are looking for a big adventure on a tight budget, you will find this country an apt destination. For as low as 1 USD, you can check out baboons and chimpanzees at the very famous River National Park. The Sanyang beach has the most peaceful views and you can find many affordable accommodation options in this area.


If you crave a cultural surfeit, head over to India and experience a rich platter of heritage across the country. The range of savings on the holiday will just be one of the highlights and the reason for putting a smile on your face. Find one of the choicest bargains at the Anjuna beach in Goa and plan peaceful days of sunbathing on the glamorous beach. You can also head over to Rajasthan and experience the grand majesty of live Palaces and the grandeur of the Thar Desert. Both food and accommodation can be booked for quite cheap prices all over India. Contact your embassy in the country for the best options for budget hotels in the locations on your itinerary


Bulgaria's Black sea is necessary see for every traveler with wanderlust. With food and drinks extremely cheap in the country, you can experience the many delights without breaking the bank. Find a quality accommodation at Sunny Beach and enjoy a relaxing vacation at one of the many seaside resorts.


Budapest in Hungary is possibly one of the most scenic cities in the world. You can take a tour down history with medieval castles or enjoy the tremendous nightlife the city offers. At an average it might cost you anywhere between 30 USD to 50 USD per night to stay over at Hungary.


Experience the Mediterranean in all its glory and at the most affordable budget. The Riviera at Turkey can rival the French Riviera any day. Visit Pamphilia for the choicest of attractions in the country. Eat the gorgeous food and experience a dynamic culture with museums, theater, and Roman ruins strewn across the country.


Visit the Angkor Wat that is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can experience authentic South East Asian culture and the rich heritage of the land. You can head over to Siem Reap which is one of the closest cities to Angkor and the rooms come as low as 5 USD per night.


Glittering beaches, gorgeous food and staying over in one of the Mediterranean hotels overlooking the stunning seas; Greece can be a delight for any budget. You can find amazing number of standard accommodations for any kind of budget. You can plan a boating trip or just lie around on the beach getting a healthy tan.


The cultural diversity and the amazing fashion of France remain unrivalled by any other destination. However, if you decide to visit the French Provence, you will find the travel itinerary can be arranged on a significantly cheaper budget than travelling to Paris. You can experience the cathedrals or head over to the South of France to experience the Riviera down at Cannes.


Riga, Latvia can be a popular choice for a quick weekend getaway. The glorious architecture and amazing nightlife can get rid of all your built up stress in a couple of days. The entire trip can be planned for less than 150 USD.

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