The Island is endowed with beachfront accommodations and traditional, but enchanting village dwellings located in the Troodos mountains. The streets are reminiscent of the vibrant past with cobbled existence, laying extravagantly next to the modern beachfront hotels. Perhaps, the best deal hotels need a lot of searching on your own and that's why we have taken the liberty of making it easy for travelers to Cyprus. The idyllic climate is great for relaxing or you can take a walk in the palm-ridden promenade located in the oldest town Larnaca. The ancient history is hosted in the town of Paphos, while Nissi bay offers the best soft beaches.


Of course, it's important to ensure that you get the best value for your money, including the best deal flights while travelling to Cyprus. The town of Paphos used to be the capital of Cyprus. Notably, the Island has a number of bars, cafes and Tavennas especially in the harbor area. The market is located in the older part of the town. However, there are sandy beaches and quiet coves. The historical sites are found in the old part of town.

Nissi Bay

Nissi Bay is not short of fine bars and restaurants and it has some of the most attractive beaches in Cyprus. It is located at the Ayia Napa west of the harbor. The atmosphere of this Bay is alive especially for a fun filled adventure, through water sports.


As stated earlier, Larnaca is the oldest town in Cyprus. The most conspicuous attraction in this town is the 10 century Agios Lazaros which represents the old in a modern and emerging town. The Agios Lazaros is located along the palm-ridden promenade. The cafes located there offer a great setting for watching the boats in the Marina.

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